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Dance like no ones watching

and sing like no ones listening

Trishy Squishy
7 July
Trishy squishy

~*~*Loud and crazy&hearts~*~*

I hate drama and how catty girls are

I am so addicted to El Jay and myspace

Music is my life

Degrassi is a drug

My friends are hott and sexxy

thanks unsaneone for the hott layout!

a walk to remember, acceptance, acting, adam pascal, amy lee, anti hilary, ashton kutcher, bam margera, basketball, benjamin mckenzie, benji madden, black nail polish, blink182, boxcar racer, boys, brand new, camp, chad michael murray, clueless, coach, coheed and cambria, concerts, craig manning, dance, dancing, daniel clark, daniel letterle, dashboard confessionals, dave mirra, degrassi, dogs, dorks, drake bell, elijah wood, emo kids, evanescence, everwood, eyeliner, final destination, final destination 2, finding nemo, florida, frankie muniz, friends, fuse, gilmore girls, good charlotte, gregory smith, hanson, harry potter, hugh jackman, imx, jake epstein, jake gyllenhaal, jesse lacey, just married, katy rose, lacrosse, malfoy, mall, maria mena, mark hoppus, maroon 5, matthew lillard, mean girls, mest, murder by numbers, music, nathan carter, new found glory, oliver james, one tree hill, orlando bloom, pac sun, pearls, peter pan, piercings, pink nail polish, pirates of the caribean, polka-dots, queer eye, rachel mcadams, radio free roscoe, rent, ricky ullman, road rules, ryan cabrera, ryan cooley, ryan gosling, ryan keys, sean ashmore, sean cameron, seth green, shane kipple, shane west, shopping, simple plan, skateboarders, sleeping, snowboarding, something corporate, spider man, story of the year, stripes, subway, sum41, switchfoot, taking back sunday, the all american rejects, the ataris, the believer, the breakfast club, the donnas, the notebook, the oc, the perfect score, the starting line, the used, theater, thrice, tom delounge, tom felton, trapt, travis barker, viva la bam, writng, x-men, x-men2, yellowcard